Jim Gaffigan “Cinco”

Can someone please tell me why this man’s soft voice is so hilarious?I mean seriously, what is it about Jim Gaffigan’s whispering voice is so funny that I’m sitting here trying not to crack up in my student union. “Cinco” is the newest comedy special to come from comedian, actor, and writer, Jim Gaffigan. He mentions at the beginning of this show that the reason it’s called “Cinco” is because it is his fifth comedy special, in honor of his fifth child… which is adorable.

Jim has an interesting comedy style in which sometimes he does the voice of his audience. For example, he was going on and on about the seasons changing and all that stuff and then his voice got really quiet and he said “wow, this guy’s got a lot of jokes about the seasons”, pretending to be his audience. I actually find this really hilarious when he does this.


He touches upon the fact that he has gained weight since his last comedy special. He tells his audience that sometimes he finds himself covering his stomach with his arm, in an attempt to appear skinnier somehow. As if him covering his stomach is making him look skinnier and make it look like he is holding a baby. Like “oh look, this man is skinny AND he is caring for a child.” I relate to this because I see my own family members do this sometimes so it makes me laugh thinking about them.

Overall I find Jim very funny and this comedy special is a great special to just sit down and watch if you want a good laugh. His comedic delivery style mixed with his bits about being heavy, hot newscasters, and the dangers of binge watching.


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