Louis C.K. “2017”

I was really excited when this comedy special came out. I’ve always thought Louis C.K. was really funny but I never got to actually sit down and fully watch one of his comedy specials. Until now. For those of you who don’t know who Louis C.K. is, first of all, have you been living under a rock? Second, this is who he is. Louis C.K. is a comedian and actor known for not only his career as a stand-up comedian but also for his show “Louie” that he wrote, directed, and starred in. As of right now, Louis is unaware if “Louie” will come back for another season but fans of the show are hopeful.

He jumps right into the show by saying, “I think abortion is um…” and then he went right into his bit about abortion. He got right into it, no hesitation whatsoever. Which is something that shocked me, but I also liked. He got right to the point about an issue that has really been hotly debated for some time now. He also talks completely candidly about suicide. He jokes that literally anyone could get out of anything by just killing themselves. Whether it’s killing yourself to win an argument or just to get out of going to the DMV, he believes that we should be able to talk about suicide without people whisking us away to a psychiatric unit.


What I really love about Louis C.K. is that he will take a major issue in society and just give his opinion on it. He doesn’t care if it’s an unpopular onion or anything like that. He will just talk about how he feels about it, but while also putting a hilarious spin on anything. This may bother some people though. As I mentioned before he talks very candidly about suicide which may upset some people. Other than that I thought that this was a hilarious comedy show.


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