Kevin Hart “What Now?”

I never really cared much for Kevin Hart. I never thought that his comedy style was something that I would be interested in. When he came to the University of Rhode Island, I never thought to buy a ticket. I felt that his comedy was too crass. I felt that he was a lesser comedian because he used swear words to make himself funnier, and I never appreciated that. But this comedy special changed my view on him. Let me tell you why.

Now let me confess something to you… this is technically not a Netflix special. This was originally released in theaters in the United States and then put on Netflix for everyone else to enjoy. So when I was scrolling through Netflix to see what show I would review next, I decided on this one because everyone was raving about it and I thought I would give it a chance.

The first 17 minutes of this comedy special isn’t really a comedy special yet… well technically it is. Hart decided to parody James Bond and some of his famous friends joined in on the fun. Halle Berry plays his sexy sidekick, Don Cheadle plays an FBI agent, Ed Helms plays the bartender who occasionally serves himself, and David Meunier plays the super villain. This was an interesting start to this special and something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.


It then goes into the actual stand-up part of the comedy special. He starts off by talking about his life and how he moved out to the suburbs with his wife to be away from Hollywood, but then with that move, came the threat of certain wildlife coming up to his house. This was honestly one of the funniest parts of the comedy show for me. He talks about being so afraid of a racoon that approached him on only two legs that now he makes his son take out the trash at night instead of him. I find this hilarious because here you have a grown man being so afraid of the dark and the wildlife that lurks in the dark to the point where he has his 7-year-old son do it for him instead. This cracked me up when I watched it.

While I was watching this show, one of the first things I noticed was that throughout the whole thing, people were constantly laughing. Obviously, people should be laughing at a comedy show… it’s a comedy show. But during most shows, there are definitely some moments that are quite. Not for this show. People were laughing through every moment of the show, which is an amazing thing to be able to make people do.


Kevin Hart has this amazing ability to keep his audience entertained at every single point in the show, which I think is very hard for some comedians to do. Sure his language is a bit crass and I disapproved of it before, but I have to say that this comedy special has turned me into a Kevin Hart fan.


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